HYDERABAD IAS ACADEMY (HIA) we have been one of the top choices for preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) In Hyderabad,Telangana and Andhra pradesh

Program Duration

3 Month / 120 Hours

Batches Timing

Morning / Afternoon Evening

Course Fee

INR 17,000/- Full Course Fee

EMI Options

Starting at INR 4,000/- 3 and 6 Month

Regular 1 Year Classes
Daily Classroom Recording
3 Hours Daily
Weekly Current Affairs Classes
Stage Wise Test Series
All subjects coverage
Unlimited Doubt Support
End to End Guidance

Hyderabad's Best Online IAS Coaching

If you are looking for an online coaching institute that can help you get a good score in the UPSC and IAS examinations, then you should definitely consider HIAS. HIAS offers one of the best online coaching programmes available and has been helping students achieve excellent results in these exams for many years now.

The course is fully online and provides expert tuition that will help you improve your performance in both the written and verbal sections of the exams. The course is divided into modules, each of which covers a specific area of the examination. As such, you will be able to gain an understanding of all the key topics that will be covered and be able to answer all the questions correctly.

HIAS also offers live sessions with experienced tutors who can help you fine-tune your skills and answer any questions that may still be difficult for you.


HIAS is the leading provider of online IAS coaching and live classes

At HIAS, we believe in the importance of education. We are passionate about helping students reach their full potential and becoming the best that they can be. Our experienced coaches have helped hundreds of students, with 100% success rate, pass their exam on the first try.

The UPSC has a high pass rate of 80% on the first attempt. Our online IAS coaching will ensure that you are fully prepared with all of the information that you need to make a strong start to your career as a civil servant. You will learn how to do well on your written exam, interview, and personality test with our one-on-one expert coaching.


These are just a few of the reasons you should choose us.

Are you looking for quality online IAS coaching and live classes to help you crack the UPSC or IAS exam? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at HIAS, we offer top-quality online IAS coaching and live classes that will help you achieve your goals. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you achieve success on the exams. You can join our classes in Hyderabad and get started today!

Highest Selection Rate – HIAS has enjoyed a rise in UPSC IAS selection rates over the past few years.

ISO Certified Institute – We are the ISO Certified Institute, striving to meet the most recent education standards. Join HIAS to receive the best IAS exam coaching online.

Result-Oriented Approach – We use a result-oriented approach in order to educate the future generation and help them crack UPSC exams.

Doubt Clearing Session - Students can attend doubt clearing sessions to gain a better understanding of each topic.

Monthly Guest Lectures – Our mentors host monthly guest lecturers to help students become more aware and motivated about cracking UPSC exams.

Daily Assignment - HIAS offers Daily Assignments after classroom lectures. This allows students to discuss the topic in depth with each other to enhance their learning.

Weekly Time Table – We update the batch-wise weekly schedule on the official website and share it with students in advance so that they can attend classes on time.

Over 9 years of experience or existence - Our coaching classes have been running for the past ten years with an exceptional success rate, with over 60% of our students qualifying to sit for UPSC. HIAS is a top UPSC institute in Hyderabad thanks to its high success rate.


Special Features at HIAS Online IAS Coaching

Online Classes Available

Online interactive classes that allow you to interact with the instructor. Ask questions in the live class to receive immediate clarifications from your teachers.

Faculty of the Top HIAS

Teachers who have been successful in their teaching will use world-class technology and visual aids.

Unmatched individual attention

Each batch is assigned a mentor. For counselling sessions on academics or time management, contact us via email/phone

Comprehensive Study Materials

Interactive study materials that include videos and lectures. Selective study materials in both pdf and books.

Regular Assessments and Tests

Online tests and reports will help you assess what you've learned and track your progress.

Replay a Class Missed

Access the recorded class recordings and you can replay them as many times as necessary to revise concepts.



What is included in UPSC/IAS online Courses?

Online courses for UPSC/IAS are live and cover the syllabus according to the course criteria. You can access the classes from anywhere and be taught by top mentors. These courses are affordable, but they do not compromise on quality.


Is it online or offline?

Live online interactive classes will allow students to interact with faculty in the same way as they would face-to-face classes. In case student is unable to attend live classes, there are recordings (Video courses).


Do I get study Material?

To enrich the candidate's content resource, extensive study material will be available in the form PDF books. All content follows the UPSC syllabus. Students will also receive regular current affairs content from experts from newspapers, PIB and Govt. Other relevant resources.


What happens if I am unable to attend a Live class?

You will have access to hyderabadias.in as an online UPSC/IAS course student. You can access any class missed via our Video archive feature at 'hyderabadias.in/' from wherever you are located. You can also review classes you have already attended before taking the Civil Service Exam.


What are the best ways to ask questions during classes?

Students can ask questions during live classes via Real-time Doubt clearing. The faculties will respond immediately. Students will have access to questions from students all over the country. Questions asked by one student can benefit others.


Preparation for Main and Preliminary - Separated or Integrated?

Preparation for civil services is an integral part of the process. While Preliminary exam and Main examination are objective, it is important to adopt an integrated approach. Preparing for Main requires thorough analysis, organization and presentation of information in a coherent and lucid way. The ability to recall and comprehend the concepts is required for Preliminary exams. These are important things to remember when preparing for the exam.


What are the benefits of enrolling for online UPSC/IAS courses?

HIAS's UPSC / IAS online courses offer you a unique opportunity to learn from India's renowned Faculties right from your own home. All areas of training will be covered, including GS, CSAT and Essay. Current Affairs, Writing practice, interview, and writing practice. You can also learn anywhere you want through recorded classes that are available on your hyderabadias.in profile. You will receive the support you need to pass the Civil Service exam and fulfill your dream of becoming Civil Servant.


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